Delete List - app used to easily delete music from an iPhone/iPad.


12/04/2012, version 2.0 released. Now you can start Delete List with the URL scheme 'dellist:'.


What happens if you delete music files by tapping the "Delete" button on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and sync it with the iTunes loaded on your PC? The answer is that all songs on your PC will be transferred to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, and the deleted files will be retrieved by default. Therefore, if you wish to remove a music file, you need to delete it from iTunes and sync, i.e., if you wish to delete a song while you are outside, you need to memorize the titles until you reach home. Under such circumstances, your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and your PC will accumulate a greater number of music files in spite of your will.

**How to Use

When you are outside, the steps required to delete unwanted songs are as follows:
1. Start the app, "Delete List" and press the button "Add To Delete List."
2. After reaching home, start this application, erase unwanted music files listed in this application from the iTunes loaded on your PC, and sync.

**Detailed description

In case you are outside listening to music on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and you want to delete two particular songs, for example, "Strong Wind, California" and "Angel Gives Me Courage," you need to memorize the titles of these songs, and once you return home, you need to delete the given songs from iTunes and press the "Sync" button.

But occasionally, you tend to forget the titles and wonder, "Which song do I want to delete"?

The abovementioned application can help you in such a situation.
If you come across an unwanted song, please start this application and tap the button "add to Delete List." Repeat the procedure for as many songs you wish to delete.
Then after reaching home, you need to start this application, search for the songs you want to delete, and delete them from iTunes and sync.

Please download this app from here or , or search "Delete List" in the App Store and download it.

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