Copy, move, and create a backup of your blog - "Webpage Clone Maker."
(3/27/2016, Version11.7 released, 3/27/2016, VersionPRO.11.7 released)


If you use this software on Windows 8, install the software and after that, download wpcwin8.vbs, and double click and run. This sets executable files to Windows 7 mode.

The password is here.

Webpage Clone Maker has got "5* Editor's Pick Award" on and you can also download from!

WhichWay is here.

Delete List is here.

The profession version requires the knowledge of the regular expression. Like this.

Please ensure that the copy is correct. When you check the copy, please disconnect the LAN cable and open the copied files. I cannot take responsibility if the backup is not properly taken.
"Webpage Clone Maker" cannot download pages that need passwords.

Downloading time depends on the number of blog articles and the company of your blog. Typically, downloading a blog may take 10 hours, for example.

For example, in "", please DO NOT FORGET the last slash(/). If you specify a page such as "", "Webpage Clone Maker" will download the entire site rather than the specified page.

In some environments, an error message like "Run-time error 70: permission denied" is shown on start up.
In such a case, re-install this software as Administrator.
Or, please try to make an empty folder on the Desktop and specify it as the folder for downloading.

The last slash is not so important in the professional version. The URLs are only be checked with the regular expressions you write. You can use the regular expression of Perl. For example, a sequence of numbers can be expressed as "\d+". However the character "," cannot handle in this software, so please write "\," instead.

Webpage Clone Maker
Just one click
to save the entire blog!
Webpage Clone Maker PRO

General description:

This software downloads the webpage whose address you specify as well as the webpages linked from the webpage that you specify. This software also copies(clones) the entire site.

Suppose your blog disappears because of webserver malfunction...
Suppose your blog disappears because its blog service ends...

Generally, in these situations, you do not have a copy of your blog, which is managed differently from the webpages of other types of websites.
Hence, I offer this software that allows you to download your entire blog.

If you backup your blog with "Webpage Clone Maker," you can avail of the following advantages:

"Webpage Clone Maker" can keep the layout and background image as it is.

Other features:
"Webpage Clone Maker" is a donationware (very similar to freeware, but I would appreciate any donation from you).
Although this software displays a message asking for your donation, you can use all the functionalities of "Webpage Clone Maker" even without making a donation.

How to install:

If you are using Windows 8, run wpcwin8.vbs after installation.
Run WebpageCloneMakerV11_7.exe.
Or, run WebpageCloneMakerVPRO_11_7.exe.
(The professional version needs the knowledge of the regular expression)

- Some websites deny fast webpage downloads, displaying messages such as "This access is temporarily denied," or "Permission denied." In such cases, please increase the wait time to approximately 5 seconds.
- "Webpage Clone Maker" downloads each page only once. If the site that you want to download does not contain infinite number of pages, "Webpage Clone Maker" will stop when it finishes downloading the entire blog. Be sure to specify a large value for "Please specify the number of links to be downloaded." If you specify "1", only the specified webpage is downloaded.

Q) Why the file name become "WPC-index.html"?(not simply "index.html")
A) For example, let's consider to download this page "".
This is the abbreviation of "". The last slash(/) is omitted.
And if you say, 'Please give me the webpage of ""' to its web server, what will be transferred to you?

The answer is "UNKNOWN."

The well-known webserver software Apache(mostly used on UNIX systems) gives you "" in default.
The Microsoft's webserver software like IIS gives you "" in default.
The writer of an website can even change its default name like "main.html".
That is to say,
- "" and
- ""(this may me, for example, "main.html", but the webserver do not teach us) and
- ""

are possible to be all different files. And such many websites really exist.

"WebpageCloneMaker" have to save the downloaded contents with adding a file name valid for Windows, even if you specify, omitting its file name, "" only.

And the new file name should not conflict with commonly used names like "index.html", "Default.htm", "main.html", etc.
So, I decided. "WebpageClone-index.html" will not conflict with other files, won't it?.
The possibility is almost zero. It is likely that nobody uses such a name, "WebpageClone-index.html", and, this file will not conflict with other file names like "index.html", "main.html", and "Default.htm".
However, someone said to me that "WebpageClone-index.hml" is too a long file name.
So, WebpageCloneMaker currently uses "WPC-index.html". "WPC" is an abbreviation of "WebPageClone."

Please insert a hyperlink to your webpage to obtain the password.

I have inserted a hyperlink from the URL to this webpage.
Please input 2468 to the right box(virus protection)

So, please send the password to the mail address .

Hyperlink example:


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